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Welcome to Genie's F.A.Q. ( frequently asked questions ) page. This is a compilation of our visitors' most frequently asked questions. We have supplied the answers. Please select from the category below to find the answers to your questions. And if your question is not in our F.A.Q. please email us and we will gladly help you.

What are your hours?
Where are you located?
Do you have a toll-free number?
What is your return policy?
How do I open an account?
What credit cards do you accept?
Are all your units under warranty? What does it include?
Do you offer an extended warranty? What does it include?
What is the difference between a heat strip and a heat pump?
I was wondering if you have any units that fit the crank-out style windows; is there a separate installation kit?
Are the measurements listed (height, width, depth) for the actual unit, or for the outside sleeve measurement? I am trying to fit my existing through the wall openings.
Are these units new or refurbished? The prices seem very low compared to local retail stores. I just want to be sure that the unit I buy from Genie Air Conditioning is a new unit.
How do you figure out how many BTU's you need?
Do all air conditioners come with sleeves?
Is a window kit included on all units?
What is the difference between a Window kit and a Trim kit?
Do room air conditioners dehumidify?
What EER is all about?
Do you have Window and Wall Air Conditioners that don't stick out of my wall?
What is the difference between 115 Volts Air Conditioner and 230 Volts Air conditioner?
Do I need to purchase a bucket for my Portable Air Conditioner?
What does an A, C, D, and E plug look like?
What would a casement unit look like in a crank out window or sliding window?
What would typical installations look like?

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